All In Contracting is a small family-owned company. 

Our goal is to always treat our clients like family and this is why our clients make us their first call anytime they have a new project. 

Who is Dan?

He is a husband and father of 4, and if you can’t find him at home or at work, you will find him waist deep in a river fishing with the family dog, Whisky. Dan has been in the construction industry since 2003 – this truly is his passion. 

Dan got fed up with working for companies that didn’t put the customers first, that sacrificed quality for their bottom line and generally didn’t improve the overall reputation of the construction industry. In 2015 he moved to a Non Profit construction orientated Social Enterprise. There, he worked with individuals with disabilities from the East Hastings area of Vancouver teaching construction skills, and helping them top up their income allowances. After just a few short months there, he realized that teaching skills was not enough, these individuals needed more. This is when Dan signed up to become a Co-Active Coach, so while working he started the Co-Active program, and started offering personal coaching to his co-workers during the day. 

In 2018 Dan started All In Contracting, his goal was to build a contracting company that elevated the reputation of the construction industry. Dan isn’t just concerned with the reputation of his own company; this is why Dan spends a lot of time on education. From running workshops with his local municipality to educating his clients and potential clients on the important questions to ask contractors: Dan is passionate about working with other contracting businesses. His passion is to help construction companies set up systems that will allow them to be successful and serve their clients in the best way possible. This belief is what drove the kickstart of Top Contactor, an online platform for supporting other small contractor businesses. 

Dan’s values drive him to elevate everyone around him, and this comes into play when he is helping his clients achieve their goals for their homes. This isn’t just about construction but rather it is about the people he is working for. 

We at All In Contracting, look forward to getting to know you, and we want to help you elevate your life by changing your surroundings to better reflect and suit who you are.