Bathroom Renovations

The number 2 most used room in your home is your bathroom. Bathrooms can either make or break how comfortable you feel in your home. 

We want to help you make the space you retreat to form the world a little peace of heaven. 

Our process for bathrooms is simple and streamlined:

  • We then work with you to create a design and budget for your perfect space.
  • That is followed by contract outlining, the start date, timeline, and finalizing cost.
  • We order everything before we start working on your project.
  • Construction starts
  • At the end we do a complete walkthrough and finalize the project with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Whether adding a new bathroom to your home or renovating an existing bathroom, there are many challenges that arise, we give you the peace of mind knowing that we build it right the first time.


“Can we buy our own finishings?”  

Yes you can, we use an app to ensure we are able to track all of the important information and get the proper info to the right trades.  We also need all customer supplied materials on site prior to construction so that we can ensure they all fit right. 

“Do bathrooms require permits?”  

Yes. We always pull plumbing and electrical permits for bathrooms, and if we are interacting with exterior walls or doing significant re-arranging of the space we will pull a building permit.  Don’t worry the city is here to ensure work is done correctly, and they are always helpful 

“How long does a bathroom renovation take?” 

 Depending on the scope of work, 3-4 weeks of construction. 

“What are the most common upgrades in a bathroom?”  

We take most bathrooms from texture to a flat ceiling, replace vanity, toilet, finishings, bath fan, and Tub.  We add dimmable pot lights, new flooring, and always recommend tile over any fiverglass products or surrounds.  

“What does a bathroom renovation cost?”

like anything in construction you get what you pay for, when it comes to bathrooms, A powder room makeover can be as low as $5000 to a full master suite that can go up to $40,000 and past that depending on options. The average bathroom, will have a construction cost of $12,000- $20,000 before the cost of the finishings, putting the total costs around $16,000 – $25,000