Outdoor Spaces

Are you maximizing your outdoor space?

Many homes have beautiful outdoor spaces, and spacious back yards. We specialize in helping you maximize the use of your entire property. We can work with you to design a beautiful pool side deck, a covered deck space or even a new accessory building to be used as an art studio or home office.

There are many considerations when adding structures to your property:

  • Property lines
  • Underground utilities,
  • Property setbacks,
  • Height restrictions & property coverage.

You need a professional to help you design something that won’t cause problems down the road. By selecting the proper building systems, foundations, and materials we ensure that your completed project is going to last for years to come.


Of course, you are not limited to only decks and pergolas in your back yard. We also do back yard offices, studios, and secondary buildings. We can help you build your dream home away from home, just steps from your back door.

In today’s continually changing world, having that quiet detached space at home might mean the difference between feeling the need to commute hours a week, between feeling capable of taking on your dream job or not.

We know how to work with the different jurisdictions to ensure that your secondary building falls within code, or how to navigate the system if you want to apply for a bigger structure. Our in depth knowledge ensures that we can deliver a product that looks like it belongs on your property, meets all building codes and complies with the cities by-laws.


“Where can I build on my property?”

We get many requests each year to add structures to clients properties. Knowing the set backs is important. The rule of thumb is you must be 6′ away from the edge of your property.  

“Do I need a permit?”

Any structure bigger then 100 sqf requires a permit. Any decks attached to your home regardless of size require a permit. Any time digging is going to take place, a BC1CALL is required. 

“Will you need to dig up my yard?”

Any structure attached to a home requires proper frost protected footings. Anything not attached to a home can be free standing, however depending on weight we usually recommend putting in some form of footings and we recommend anchoring decks to the ground as high winds can cause severe damage if not firmly in place.