The most used room in a home is the kitchen, entertaining, cooking, hanging out, working at the kitchen Island. The kitchen is the centre of every home. 

From opening walls, changing layouts, new cabinetry and countertops, doing a renovation in your kitchen can change your entire living experience and add massive value. 

Starting with a consultation is a must,  it is the one room where every system in your home converges. Plumbing, Electrical, Hvac, all need to work together seamlessly.  Cabinetry, countertops, appliances, backsplashes, flooring windows and lighting all need to feel like they were designed to work together. 

It is also for many one of the most difficult renovations to have done, having no kitchen in a home for any amount of time is huge inconvenience. 

This is why we pre-order items, ensure everything is ready at the same time and then work with our trades to ensure that our trades are not creating down time with their schedules.   

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen make sure your first call is a contractor. 


“How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?”    

Typically it takes 3-4 weeks till it is functional this depends on the extent of the renovation and if layout is changing. It can take additional time to finish the project. once cabinets are in, stone counter top providers will come and template the kitchen and then it is typically about 3 weeks till the counter tops are installed, then tile back splashes finishing and some paint may need to take place. 

“What is the average cost of a kitchen?”

Like any renovation the sky is the limit. And the extent of the renovation is going to have a huge impact on the project costs.  But typical costs include 
Cabinets $12000 – $25000 
Counter tops quartz is typically $120/ sqf 
Flooring $10 – $15/ sqf supplied and installed 
Tile backsplashes  $1800 – $2500 
Paint  $2-3 per sqf of wall space 
Plumbing $3500 – $5000 
Electrical $2500 – $5000 
Drywall  $2000 – $7000 
Typically the total cost minus appliances is going to be $35000- $60000