Choosing Cabinets for your home or basement suite. 

Style versus function, the age-old question or at least it is when it comes to the shoes I buy. But it also applies to cabinets in a rental suite. Given that the kitchen is going to be the most used space in your rental, it also means it’s probably going to take the most abuse. 

Cabinets have a way of collecting fingerprints like my kids collect every rock they see. They are also the location of plenty of spills and stains. So what can you do about this? Our go to solution is a flat PVC coated door. Today these doors come in a variety of colors, are scratch resistant up to 20lbs and are water resistant.  This means that your cabinets are easy to clean without the worry of doing any water damage or having swelling. 

This is one of the places where cutting costs isn’t always the best direction to head. When more money equals higher quality in the ways that count; durability and water resistance, this means far less replacements down the road. I would always suggest a flat panel for the design, it’s clean and modern and it’s a far simpler style to replace if something unfortunate does take place.

Lastly it may not seem important at the time of purchase, but buying local is really important when it comes to cabinetry. Cabinets built in Canada meet a much higher health standard than those made overseas. The glues that are used in many imported cabinets can off gas into the home for months after install. Canadian made cabinets must use a non toxic glue that has no harmful off-gassing. The best way to protect those in your home is to buy locally. 

Another consideration is the cabinet box material, maybe even more important than the doors themselves. I personally think it is a detail that is significantly overlooked.  Particle board cabinets are the norm, but not all particle boards are the same, the coatings differ, and you can even step up to plywood boxes, and we have a manufacturer that is local to western Canada that uses full metal boxes for their drawers. 

It is always possible to pull a door off and replace it, even doing a cabinet facelift by painting cabinet doors. but trying to pull a damaged cabinet box out, often results in a much more extensive renovation.  

As a contractor our goal is to serve our clients the best we can, and for us ensuring they install products that will last when they cannot easily be replaced is always top of mind.