Poly B Removal Service

If your home contains POLY B you may be ineligible for water damage insurance coverage and your home may be at risk.

This gray pipe used in homes built between 1985 -1997 is failing at an alarming rate.

With a life span of 20-30 years insurance companies may not be insuring against water damage caused by POLY B that has outlived its lifespan.

Take action now to ensure your home is protected, and to lower your insurance rates.

Why You Need To Replace Poly B

Poly B piping can also reduce the value of your home, and create issue when trying to sell. With many buyers now unwilling to purchase a home that contains Poly B or making offers that include a cost reduction for Poly B replacement. 

This can cause serious issues when trying to make deals in a timely manner and can often lead to higher quotes then typical. 

It is important to protect yourself and your home. The cost of an uninsured flood can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Process to replace Poly B With Approved PEX Piping

  • Inspect your home
  • Schedule your project and pull permits
  • Install floor protection
  • Our team of insured and ticketed professionals will complete the replacement and repairs.
  • We typically shut off water in your home for 36 – 48 hours
  • Complete all Drywall and paint repairs taking 4 days on average.
  • Independent 3rd party inspection of work and supply district documentation stating the repairs are completed.

Typical Pricing

Poly B replacement $7000-$9000

Drywall repair $546/ hole

Paint $275/ wall + $135/ Colour

Have you replaced your hot water tank? Most insurance companies require it be replaced every 10 years.

Tank Replacement $2250 – $2600

Go Tankless $7800 + gas work and venting

Contact us for a personal quote and to schedule your Poly B replacement